Comfort and convenience are the hallmarks of Center For Foot And Ankle Surgery's office operations. To ensure your convenience, below is the information you need about our hours, location, appointment scheduling, insurance acceptance and billing.

Center For Foot And Ankle Surgery

Effective April 1, 2016, we will be located in Suite 101  - Austin Bone & Joint Clinic


Hours:  8-5 Monday through Thursday, 8-noon on Friday, closed on Saturday and Sunday

Plaza St. David's Professional Building

1015 E 32nd Street, Suite 101

Austin, TX  8705

(512) 477-6341 main
(512) 477-2592 fax
(512) 323-5465 after hours

Directions are located under the tab "new patient".  Take the elevator from parking garage 3 to the first floor, turn right. Continue to second set of elevators located on your right,  take elevator to second floor.  Go to suite 204.  We look forward to meeting you!






We are pleased to announce the merger of the Center for Foot & Ankle Surgery with Austin Bone & Joint Clinic an affiliate of Orthopaedic Associates of Central Texas.  We are forming a large multi-specialty orthopaedic, plastic surgery and podiatric surgical practice with 3 locations around town.

Our primary office location will be in the same building we now occupy, Plaza St. David's Professional Building, but we will now be located on the first floor, Suite 101, right inside the double doors at the drop off location.

"We are going to offer the same great service by the same great staff in a better location.  I'm excited for the new adventure."

                                                            - Charles Jason Hubbard, DPM, FACFAS


Same Day Appointments may be available.

Call our office or fill out the appointment request form on this website and a member of our staff will contact you.

New Patient Visit: Please print out the New Patient Information forms which are provided for you. They are in both English and Spanish. If you print and fill these forms out prior to your visit, it will save you 30-40 minutes. Our staff then needs to scan the forms into our system and enter the health history questions into the computer prior to bringing you into our back office. You will need to bring a picture ID, your insurance card and any relevant patient information (current medication list, x-rays pertaining to your condition, emergency room paperwork, etc.) to your scheduled visit.

 Confidentiality/Medical Records: All medical records are confidential. If you need to obtain copies of your medical records, a release is necessary. Please use our Medical Release Form. Please bring or fax us a completed copy of the release. We have 30 days to process, but we will do our best to get them out within two weeks. Please note that there is a $25 fee for request of medical records.

Prescription Refills:

Please call your Pharmacy and they will contact us for refills. Refills require a 48 hour notice and can only be generated Monday through Friday at noon (no weekends). Narcotic pain medications will not be prescribed over the phone.

 Disability Forms, other forms: Disability and other forms require one week for processing and require a $20 fee for completion. If you have not had an office visit within the past 60 days, you will need to make an appointment to review the status of your disability or discuss the nature of the form you need completed.

Insurance/Billing: We participate in many health insurance networks. To mention a few: Medicare, Blue Cross, Aetna, Humana, United Healthcare, various Workman's Compensation insurance and most major insurance plans. To see if our doctor's are on your plan, please call your insurance. The number is located on the back of your insurance card. It is to your benefit to choose a specialty physician that is on your plan (in-network).

 Please see our Financial Policy regarding insurance coverage; proof of insurance, deductibles, co-payments, co-insurance, referrals, and work related injuries and non-payment of patient portion balances. Remember that we cannot answer questions regarding whether your insurance will pay for your visit, x-rays or any in-office procedures. You will need to contact your insurance company for any questions regarding benefits covered.

Patients with Hearing Impairments: If you use sign language, you may ask a friend or relative to be your interpreter. If you use the written word, we will provide written information regarding your condition, medications and your treatment choices. If you require an outside interpreter, please understand that interpreters are extremely expensive and charge our office even if you miss your appointment, therefore, we require that you attend your appointment as scheduled or notify us at least five (5) days in advance if you will not attend your appointment.

Referrals:  It is the patient's responsibility to seek their referral from their primary care physician.  We cannot make an appointment for you until the referral has been faxed to our office.

 We welcome the opportunity to serve your healthcare needs.